About Us

Voyager Infotech Services was founded in Bangalore, India with a handful professionals from various sectors. The Management consists of professionals from leading Universities in India. Since our initiation, we have been focused on quality and the success of our clients. We have worked with a number of clients in India.

Voyager Infotech Services is a fast growing multiple service provider organization with a good presence in HR Recruitment/ staffing, IT/ Web services, Events & , Corporate Training and Campus training.

Since its initiation, we have been focused on the quality and the success of the clients. We have worked with number of clients, With a huge network of professionals we provide some of the world class services to almost all the sectors of business.

Why Voyager Infotech Services?

  • Enthusiastic plan for high quality deliverables.
  • Experienced Professionals from various industry domains under one roof.
  • Professional designers with high level of accuracy.
  • Good Head Hunting network.
  • Professional IT experts at your disposal to solve all the IT related aspects.


We want VITS to acquire a Global recognition in the corporate world, establishing it as one of the most trusted name for eminent manpower services, IT Services and other services. Our sole objective is to set a new benchmark by presenting a competitive, quality focused and result-driven services. We have training and growth modules that keep us access of the latest developments in the markets.

A lot of emphasis is put on creating a cohesive team of people who strive to bring out the best possible outcome. We are able to deliver on time and on budget, but also help us identify the customised needs, so that we can incessantly work on improving the quality we promise to our clients.


VITS is committed to building world class human resource systems for organizations. Our mission is to build value for our clients, community and each other. We will achieve our goal through high standards of innovation, research and teamwork. Since we are involved in the complete range of services that are critical to your success, we try to understand the larger picture. We are aware of the dynamics of the current market environment. We view activities with great detail to serve our clients. We understand the role that each team member plays in the larger picture by keeping a holistic approach in the mind.


Our guiding values are:
  • Innovation - We innovate tools and solutions to stay ahead of issues facing businesses and industry.
  • Collaboration - We together work towards achieving long term growth for our clients, stake holders and benefit each other.
  • Integrity - Build trust with clients and each other by actions and deliverables. We deliver what we promise to our people and our clients.
  • Respect - We create an environment where each person feels valued and treated with dignity.
  • Fairness - Ensure we have an impartial workplace which promotes commitment and innovation.
  • Quality - We ensure we deliver high standards of deliverables time and again.
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